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"Il Sigillo" was inaugurated on 8th September 2008, exactly after a year of works and renovations and is located within the medieval complex of the ancient village of Staffarda, dating back to the thirteenth century.
Innovation and elegance immediately characterized the restaurant, where traditional cuisine is reinterpreted in a new modern way.
The restaurant is located in the heart of the countryside, not so far from Saluzzo where the mountains begins.

This allows to have the excellences of the territory available and to use fresh and quality products.

Today there is a large hall ready to accommodate larger groups, three more reserved rooms and a bright air-conditioned and heated outdoor veranda.

Alberto Demaria, chef and owner of the restaurant, was born in Saluzzo on 23th June 1981.

Passionate about cooking since childhood, he decided to undertake culinary studies at the Dronero cooking school and then work in the best restaurants of the region.
After several experiences and having worked as a chef for some local restaurants and farmhouse, he decided to take over the Locanda del Chiostro for creating "Il Sigillo".

He is married to Anna Chiavazza and they have two children: Paolo and Stefania.

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The kitchen

At the restaurant you will find the classicism of traditional Piedmontese dishes prepared with imagination and dedication by the chef Alberto Demaria.

Many products are created directly at home such as pasta, bread, breadsticks, oil and biscuits to name a few.

The chef and his crew are ready to satisfy, with care and attention, any nutritional need, allergy and intolerance, offering alternatives to the daily updated menu.

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The Cellar

With over 200 labels available, the two cellars are ready to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

Here you will find an accurate and meticulous selection of the most famous and prestigious Piedmontese and extra regional labels.

Let our restaurant managers suggest you to find the ideal combination for your menu.

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